Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cleveland teams and the effect they have?

If the Browns, Cavs, or Indians are in the playoffs....doesn't matter what bar or pub you go to...they will be busy! If they win get ready for a great week! The effect these have with people is amazing. If we win the town is in such a great mood. People stay out and want to talk about something positive because there are way to many negatives in this world! The news seems like everything is so depressing. Cleveland teams represent us! I feel we have the most loyal and die hard fans out there! Look at the Buckeye fans and how positive they is because they WIN! When LeBron left he broke our hearts because he was supposed to be a hometown hero. He could have won a championship here! We love Dan Gilbert! He is a winner! We believe in him! Cleveland supports its teams even when we are not winning. We have a great pub! We won #1 Irish pub in the USA by How? Because of you! Cleveland fans supports us as we do our teams!
I think that our team owners need to spend the money on great players and the fans will come! Look at the Indian teams of the 90's? Jacobs spent. We came. They won. He made plenty of money! Once we resigned Thome the fans doubled at Progressive! We need a winner here!
I jump around a lot in my blogs but I hope you get the idea!
Go Cavs! Go Tribe! Go Browns! Go Monsters! Go Bucks and Go Blue!
Have a great day and keep smiling!

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