Sunday, February 19, 2012

Danny Green.....tell me your thoughts!

Have you watched the movie "Kill the Irishman"? I just recently watched the movie for a second time and thought it was a great movie! Ray Stevenson plays a great Danny Green. I also read the book a few years back and could not put it down.
Everyone has their own opinions on the lad. Personally I did not know him bit hearing different stories I respect how he stuck up for his fellow Irishman. Tell me your story.
The other day a gentleman came into the pub and asked if he could hang a drawing up of a personal friend of his and it was a picture of Danny Green. This gentleman went on to tell me a story of how Danny had saved his life one night down in Collingwood. It was a great story!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The best pub food in Cleveland!

Who has the best pub food in Cleveland? We do! Our corned beef sandwich, Reuben,and New Yorker are to die for, we have what I think are the best burgers around, and our appetizers are amazing. Hand rolled Celtic Egg rolls, home made Buffalo Chicken Dip, Corned Beef Chowder, unbelievable Mac n Cheese!
To me there is nothing like going into a local pub and seeing everyone eating and drinking and just having a good time. Well that is what it is like here at Croagh Patricks Pub.
Don't miss out!

17 days O'March are coming!