Sunday, February 19, 2012

Danny Green.....tell me your thoughts!

Have you watched the movie "Kill the Irishman"? I just recently watched the movie for a second time and thought it was a great movie! Ray Stevenson plays a great Danny Green. I also read the book a few years back and could not put it down.
Everyone has their own opinions on the lad. Personally I did not know him bit hearing different stories I respect how he stuck up for his fellow Irishman. Tell me your story.
The other day a gentleman came into the pub and asked if he could hang a drawing up of a personal friend of his and it was a picture of Danny Green. This gentleman went on to tell me a story of how Danny had saved his life one night down in Collingwood. It was a great story!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The best pub food in Cleveland!

Who has the best pub food in Cleveland? We do! Our corned beef sandwich, Reuben,and New Yorker are to die for, we have what I think are the best burgers around, and our appetizers are amazing. Hand rolled Celtic Egg rolls, home made Buffalo Chicken Dip, Corned Beef Chowder, unbelievable Mac n Cheese!
To me there is nothing like going into a local pub and seeing everyone eating and drinking and just having a good time. Well that is what it is like here at Croagh Patricks Pub.
Don't miss out!

17 days O'March are coming!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do you love Irish Music? We do!

To sit in an Irish pub with a Guinness in hand and listen to great Irish music to me is like Heaven. Living in Cleveland we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy great Irish performers on any given weekend. Cleveland has a large Irish base many of whom are from County Mayo. Irish entertainers such as The New Barleycorn, Mossy Moran, The Portersharks, Mary's Lane, Pitch the Peat, One More Pint, Scully and many more. Irish music is growing. We believe in keeping our heritage strong. The 2nd Tuesday of every month is Open Irish Session night! What is open session? Any given Session we will have anywhere from 6 to 15 musicians playing, singing, dancing what they love! Irish Music!!!
One of the best Irish bands in Cleveland will be performing at Croagh Patricks on Thursday Feb. 23rd. The New Barleycorn is a must see Irish night of fun and laughter.
You do not have to be Irish to enjoy Irish music.....we hope to see u soon!!

Have a great day!
The Irishman

Friday, January 13, 2012

17 Days O'March!

Coming this March to Croagh Patrick's Pub is the most anticipated 17 days of the year. March 1st thru the 17th will be amazing. We will have a different feature each night from Best Irish Brogue night, "Danny Boy" singing contest night to Best Irish toast night! We will have Irish music like no other pub in the area. The week of St. Patrick's week we have a different Irish band each night from County Waterford, Ireland's own Mossy Moran, Cleveland's newest duo in Scully to West side favorite Michael Crawley.
We are a tiny little Irish pub with a BIG Irish heart! We are so very proud of our Irish heritage and would love to share the Craic!
More to come on the 17 days!!!
Stay warm!
The Irishman

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Best Sandwich in America! The "Celtic Melt"

So you tend to go to your favorite restaurant to get that favorite sandwich you are craving! Well have we got the best in the land! The Celtic Melt.....probably the best sandwich I have tried in 5 years. Our cook Ryan last night asked me to try this "new" he made it and as one customer said "OMG that is amazing" another replied "Awesome"
What is the "Celtic Melt"? It is Texas Toast soaked in 1000 island dressing grilled on the flat top with American cheese on one side and Swiss cheese melted on the other and Succulant Vienna corned beef in the middle. It is so juicy and moist and you cannot eat it fast enough because you just want that next bite!
Guy Fierie where are you? This is going to be blockbuster!
Come and try one today!
Cheers to you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cleveland teams and the effect they have?

If the Browns, Cavs, or Indians are in the playoffs....doesn't matter what bar or pub you go to...they will be busy! If they win get ready for a great week! The effect these have with people is amazing. If we win the town is in such a great mood. People stay out and want to talk about something positive because there are way to many negatives in this world! The news seems like everything is so depressing. Cleveland teams represent us! I feel we have the most loyal and die hard fans out there! Look at the Buckeye fans and how positive they is because they WIN! When LeBron left he broke our hearts because he was supposed to be a hometown hero. He could have won a championship here! We love Dan Gilbert! He is a winner! We believe in him! Cleveland supports its teams even when we are not winning. We have a great pub! We won #1 Irish pub in the USA by How? Because of you! Cleveland fans supports us as we do our teams!
I think that our team owners need to spend the money on great players and the fans will come! Look at the Indian teams of the 90's? Jacobs spent. We came. They won. He made plenty of money! Once we resigned Thome the fans doubled at Progressive! We need a winner here!
I jump around a lot in my blogs but I hope you get the idea!
Go Cavs! Go Tribe! Go Browns! Go Monsters! Go Bucks and Go Blue!
Have a great day and keep smiling!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Why does Christmas music stop the day after?

Sure the answer is because Christmas is over with or you are tired of hearing it. I feel that you really get into the season about 2 weeks before and then continue that feeling til New Years day. So I feel that radio stations should continue the holiday music Christmas week. To all you bah humbugs out there you can choose not to listen but for us holiday spirited people out there....let the music play! Let me know what you think!
Merry Christmas from all of us at Croagh Patricks Pub and The Kevin Coyne Funeral Service!