Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Regulars!

What is it about our pub that makes us special? It is "Our Regulars". A Regular is a person who frequents your establishment a few times a month. One who you know by name. One who you know what they are drinking or eating. We know about their families and personal things going on in life. We have some of the best regulars that you could ask for! Our regulars range from policemen, firemen, school teachers, military vets, Michigan fans, auburn fans, old timers to 21 year olds.
All of us here at Croagh Patrick's appreciate our regulars because they are what keeps us in business and be able to provide for our families. If you happen to visit our pub you will be greeted with a handshake and a smile. You will see why we have so many "Regulars". It doesn't matter what your age, nationality, or favorite college football team you like is.....we accept you for you and want you to know that you have a home away from home to go to!
Come and be a regular!
The Irishman!

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